Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a good candidate for hair removal?

If you want to get rid of any offending hair you are a good candidate for hair removal. Come in for a complimentary consultation to discuss any questions.

What body areas can be treated?

Almost the entire body except around the eyes. This includes removing hair in all those difficult, hard to reach places, e.g. between buttocks. This helps with daily hygiene of the genital area by the reduction of hair. Reduces the incidence of ingrown hairs causing boils, cysts, abscesses etc. We can treat this area because the laser hand piece does not touch the skin.

Is it safe?

Laser light will not cause skin cancer because the light has had all harmful and unnecessary wavelengths (including UV light) removed, to leave only the wavelength required for selective treatment of the target lesion.

Who cannot have laser treatment?

People whose hair is absolutely gray or very fair in color. Come in for a trial test patch first to determine if you can. People who are newly pregnant, epileptic or on chemotherapy. People that are on medication for acne. If you have been off the medication for 6 months, come in for a test patch and discuss. Perhaps the clinic could advise you on other techniques, i.e. bleaching, to help you with your hair.

Why must I shave? Can I shave in between treatments?

Shaving is a must. We are targeting the hair under the skin and the surface hair gets in the way and causes burning hair. Yes, you can shave in between treatments or use depilatory cream.

How should I prepare for hair removal?

The area to be treated must be shaved the night before the treatment. This will be discussed in your complimentary consultation. Once you start laser hair removal only shave in between treatments. No more waxing or threading.

How many treatments will I need to get rid of hair?

4 to 8 treatments. Hormones, medication, weight and ethnicity all play a role in hair growth. Some people only want to thin the amount of hair they have and not get rid of it completely. This can also be done.

What does the Laser feel like?

Come in and feel the sensation when we do a small test patch during your complimentary appointment. It feels like the snapping of an elastic band onto the skin.

Is Laser treatment painful?

Everyone has a different tolerance to pain. The first treatment is more uncomfortable as you have the most amount of hair. Putting a local anesthetic cream (Emla) on the skin 1.5 hours before treatment and then applying cling wrap over the treated area helps for maximum absorption of the cream. If you do not apply the cling wrap the cream is just absorbed by your clothing! Cool air and cooling gel is used to keep skin cool. Lasers we use at Dermamed have built in cooling in the handpieces, allowing the skin to be cooled prior to release of the laser energy. Such cooling substantially reduces the sensation usually associated with hair laser treatments, and dramatically increases the safety profile.

What does a treatment involve?

Following initial test patching, the hair will usually be shaved prior to treatment. It is important to leave the root of the hair intact in the skin, so do not wax or pluck the hair prior to your treatment. Shaving or depilating the hair will reduce both pain, smoke and the chance of burning the skin. Safety glasses are worn to protect the eyes from the laser beam.

How does Laser remove hair?

Laser emits a beam of light that passes through the skin to the hair roots where the heat is absorbed and disables the hair follicle.

What does the treated area look like after the Laser treatment?

The skin feels fairly hot. The cooling device continues to blow cool air onto the skin. Iced cloths or ice packs are placed onto the skin and some post cooling gel applied. The treated area can look red for a couple of minutes but recovers quickly. Sometimes larger areas can remain red and bumpy where the hair follicle was. It depends on the color or tone of the skin as to how long the treated area remains red. It is important to avoid using any products which may irritate the treated skin, which may remain sensitive for 1-2 days after each treatment. Avoid sun exposure (and solarium use) to the treated areas for 4 weeks before and after each treatment

Can I do Laser if I am pregnant?

We prefer not to do laser treatments on pregnant ladies. The laser cannot do any harm; it is just a matter of caution. The laser only penetrates the skin to the depth of the hair follicle.

What is the difference between Laser and IPL (intense pulsed light)?

The Laser is programmed to an exact wave length into the skin and has a specific target - hair. The hand piece of the laser will be held just above the skin, but not touch the skin, making the procedure hygienic. The IPL Laser is not programmed specifically. It uses a broad band of light and attaches to all 3 chromophores i.e. color in hair, blood and water. The hand piece of the IPL is placed directly onto the skin. It is the responsibility of the technician to see that the hand piece is clean.

Laser hair removal can treat a number of medical conditions?

Laser hair removal can get rid of hair that causes infections. These treatments are done with a referral from a doctor, specialist or dermatologist.