Tattoo Removal


We all have past experiences that we would like to erase, this includes body ink!

With the rise in tattoos, tattoo regret has also been prevalent.

Tattoo Removal Has Never Been Easier

Cynosure MedLite C6

Cynosure MedLite C6, the original Q-Switched laser from ConBio, has long been known as the industry’s Gold Standard laser for multi-colored tattoo removal.

This laser technology has made it possible to remove unwanted tattoos via a faster and safer method that ever before. No longer will patients need to consider skin-damaging treatments such as acid removal, excision, and dermabrasion. Today’s aesthetic lasers offer a proven alternative for safer and more effective ink removal. Lasers remove the ink by targeting ink’s pigment with a high intensity light beam causing it break up into smaller molecules. The ink is then absorbed by the natural bodily processes, fading the tattoo until it is no longer visible.