Cellulite Reduction

Equipment in Use

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Treatment Benefits

What is Cellulite?

• Cellulite is considered one of the most aesthetically troubling concerns of women.
• Cellulite refers to the dimpled appearance of the skin that mainly appears on the hips, thighs & buttocks.
• It is estimated 90% of women regardless their weight or size are affected by cellulite.

Classification of Cellulite

• The pinch test is a simple way to locate cellulite.
• Muller scale is used to classify cellulite based on four stages:
        - stage 1: dimpling is not yet visible.
        - stage 2: dimpling is visible only with the pinching test.
        - stage 3: dimpling is apparent when standing.
        - stage 4: dimpling is positive and visible standing and lying down.

Fat or Cellulite?

Found mainly in women
Found in women and men
Fat cells that leads to more water retention
Fat cells stored from the consumption of food
Found under the surface of the skin above muscles & body fat
Found on the muscle & bones
Exercise & diet cannot reduce cellulite
Can be decreased by diet
It is not used for energy
It is stored as energy
Will not cause major health problems
Unhealthy weight gain can result in health problems


Pro Ice :
- It’s a new technology that results in localized fat reduction with a noninvasive procedure. A special transducer is positioned on the selected area in order to combinate vacuum action to capture the subcutaneous tissue and selective cryotechnology to cool it.

Pressotherapy :
- Recommended for the treatment of cellulite.
- Slims and detoxifies.
- Improves circulation and increases lymphatic drainage.
- Alleviates edemas, leg fatigue and improves oxygen flow through the body.

Electrotherapy :
- Electric Muscle Stimulation, has been used for decades to enhance athletic preparedness and performance. Used properly, electric muscle stimulation can help increase strength, power, endurance, and increase lean muscle tissue.

Massage for cellulite reduction :
- Cellulite treatments that include massage base their techniques and theories on the concept that vigorous massage helps to increase blood circulation, removing toxins and reducing excessive amounts of fluid in areas that contain cellulite.

General Contraindications

• Pacemaker
• Superficial metal or other implants in the treatment area
• History or current condition of any type of Cancer
• Pregnancy
• Psoriasis or Eczema
• Non controlled hypertension

Slimming Packages for different cases

• Indication: Cellulite + Water Retention
• Number of Sessions: 6 to 10 sessions
• Interval between 2 sessions : 1 week
• 40$- 60$ or 80$ / session depending on the treated area
• Benefit from a cellulite massage for free with every session

• Indication: Cellulite + Local Fat
• Treatment: REACTION and Pro ICE
• Number of Sessions: 8 to 10 sessions/ REACTION + 3 to 5 sessions/ Pro Ice
• Interval between 2 sessions : 1 week for REACTION and 4 weeks for Pro Ice
• 40$- 60$ or 80$ / session / REACTION depending on the treated area
• 200$ / session/ Pro Ice
• Benefit from a PRESSOTHERAPY session for free with every session

• Indication: Cellulite + Muscle Deficit
• Number of Sessions: 6 to 10 sessions/ REACTION + 12 to 15 sessions/ ELECTRO STIMULATION
• Interval between 2 sessions : 1 week/ REACTION + 2 times per week/ ELECTRO STIMULATION
• 40$- 60$ or 80$ / session / REACTION depending on the treated area
• 20$ instead of 30$ / Session/ ELECTRO STIMULATION

Get 1 free session with every 6 slimming sessions
       2 free sessions with every 8 slimming sessions
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How It Works